We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Kay and Carly Bransford

With Special Musical Guest Chris Hardy

What is the best way to respectfully and lovingly care for a loved one suffering with dementia?

Kay Bransford is living that struggle with both of her parents. She would be the first to tell you that there is no simple answer, every family situation is unique and different and difficult.

KayandCarlyOf course one of the questions facing families is how to include children in the care of a loved one suffering with dementia. Kay also talks about her decision to include her 12 year old daughter Carly fully in the care of her parents. Carly shares with us a beautiful, loving perspective that can serve as an example to other families dealing with this potentially devastating illness.

Out of that struggle Kay created Memorybanc.com, a wonderful service that helps families talk about difficult issues while collecting important information before it is lost to dementia.

Click here to visit Kay’s Website memorybanc.com

Click here to visit Kay’s blog “Dealing With Dementia”

Today’s musical guest is Chris Hardy. Chris is the talent that provides many of our “celebrity” announcements. He is also the talent behind the four part harmony that opens many of our shows. I think his song “Children of the Good” is a fun song with a great, positive message.

chris hardy 2

Please click here to visit Chris’ web siste

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