We Never Know When A Small Act Of Kindness Can Make A Difference

We Never Know When A Small Act Of Kindness Can Make A Difference post thumbnail image

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Stephanie Osborn

With Musical Guest Susan Didrichsen

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christmas at churchI am posting this on the night of September 11. A tribute to the heroes and victims of that tragedy is playing in the background. About a week ago I was talking to my now adult kids Alejandra and Chris about that day. I told them how I saw the second plane hit, and I knew it was intentional. I remember being filled with a swirl of emotions, I wanted to do something but what? So I did what you might have done, I prayed, and then I went to my kids school and joined a half dozen other parents standing guard. In hindsight it was silly, but I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.

7A little more than a year later I was performing at a small school in New Hampshire. I think I have told you one of the things I love is that my show is totally interactive. Its’ not about me standing up saying look how cool I am, its about finding a kid in the audience and turning that kid into the star of the show. I remember this girl at the back of the room. I think she was in seventh grade. She wanted to volunteer but she wasn’t sure so her hand was kind of doing the “I’m not sure dance.” Something inside told me she was the perfect choice, and she was.

She came on stage and helped me with a trick and did a great job. I don’t remember exactly what trick she helped me with, but I will always remember her smile, it was radient.

After the show the principal came up and said I am so glad you picked that girl, it was the first time we have seen her smile in over a year.
I asked her why, what had happened.

“Oh, you didn’t know? Her dad was one of the pilots…

She didn’t have to say anything more.

We never know when a small act of kindness will make all the difference in someone’s life.

Stephanie OsbornOur featured guest Stephanie Osborn heard a lot of people tell her what she couldn’t do, that her dreams of going into science were silly because she was a girl. She had the strength to ignore those folks and make her dreams come true because someone gave her support and hope and love. Be sure to click here to visit Stephanie’s web site



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susan didrichsenAnd we are very happy to introduce you to our special musical guest Susan Didrichsen. Susan is an incredibly talented singer song writer who has performed with some of the best in the music business. She recently returned from a tour of Italy. Her latest CD is titled Big Sky and is available at her web site susandmusic.com

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