We Choose Respect Parentcast Starring Robin Booth

We Choose Respect Parentcast Starring Robin Booth post thumbnail image

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Robin Booth

With Special Musical Guest Chris Hardy

mother tAs you may recall my beautiful wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by taking a trip through the Maritime Provinces of Canada. While we were doing the tourist thing and checking out a gift shop on Prince Edward Island my wife bought me a couple of hanging tapestries to hang from my speakers at my live school assemblies. On one of the tapestries is a quote from Mother Theresa, “we can not do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.”

My beautiful wife said this quote reminded her of the message I give in my shows, She has always urged me to remind kids that they have the power to change someone’s world with their simple acts of love and kindness. It’s true, and it is a message that kids respond to with big smiles.

robin boothToday’s guest, internationally respected parenting expert and educational consultant Robin Booth, shares some tips with parents that can make a big difference in our family dynamics. He explains that simple changes in the way we speak to our children will better express our love and respect to them.

These simple strategies can diffuse turn situations that almost always end in confrontation and actually help us strengthen our relationships.

Robin also talks about changes he feels are needed in the way our schools educate our kids. He is looking to the future and sees a great need for our children to have the ability to work in a team setting and  develop strong problem solving skills,

chris hardy 3Our friend Chris hardy from Georgia will be back to end our show with his song Space Cats. Chris’ music is fun and carries an empowering message for all of us.

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