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Another Way Wednesday # 5

It has been a busy, hectic, wonderful week. If y’all have been keeping score you might remember that I spent the last 7 days in Virginia. (hence the “y’all”) After two amazing performances at Hunt Valley Elementary School yesterday morning I hopped in the van and drove 8 hours to get to my home in Boston and spend some time with my beautiful wife and our family. I am happy, a bit stiff from the long drive but when you attended school with Moses the stiff joints are not really a surprise.

camilla croppedI have 10 minutes before I have to leave to attend Camilla’s soccer game. You may remember Camilla is the young woman from Italy sharing our home this year.  It is amazing how quickly someone can become a part of a family. She spent the weekend getting a manicure with my beautiful wife and going to the movies with my daughter Alejandra. Camy and I love walking our dog Auggie, and during those walks we have had some wonderful conversations about everything.

soccerHaving conversations with kids, especially our teens, can be a wonderful experience. The conversations Camy and I are having are the foundation we are  building a beautiful friendship on.

Having conversations with our teens can also seem like a nightmare, especially having “those conversations.”

“Another Way” is Holli Kenley’s brilliant novel that helps teens start thinking about some very important issues. Holli’s “Another Way Wednesday” series is a great resource for parents looking to build a stronger relationship with their teens, to help them discover their own worth, and to help them learn to make decisions based on their own values.