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Another Way Wednesday # 4

Greetings from Beautiful Manassas, VA

new year's eve jedlieThe new school year has begun, and with the beginning of school starts a new season of touring the country for me, bringing my motivational magic show to schools throughout the country. Have I been to your kids’ school yet? If not, click here to find out how to bring my show to your community!!!

thornburgTomorrow I will be making my 9th or 10th, annual appearance at Thornburg Middle School in Thornburg, VA. Thornburg is a great school, in a fast growing community. I am amazed at how much it has grown. When I first visited oh so many years ago there was the school surrounded by miles and miles of woods and farms. Nowadays the immediate area around the school remains wooded, but all around the area new homes and shopping malls are popping up as if by magic.

rick towerDespite all the growth one thing remains the same; Thornburg Principal Rick Tower’s commitment to providing a safe and caring learning environment for all students. He has a great and equally committed staff, led by my friend Sue Colman, who work together to let every student know that they have the right to attend a safe and bully free school, and that they are expected to show everyone they encounter the respect they want people to show them.

I am honored to be a small part of the Thornburg success story.

Holli Kenley’s novel “Another Way” is a great novel for teens, and combined with our ongoing Another Way Wednesday series is a fantastic tool for parents, teachers and youth workers. The valuable information Holli is sharing in this series will help parents and guardians empower teens with the knowledge that they have worth, help them understand what their values are and make decisions based on those values.

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