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Bob Lancer is the host of WSB Radio Show Bob Lancer’s Life, Work and Parenting Solutions and the host of Radio Disney’s Ask Bob (helping kids deal with their parents).

Since 1980 Bob Lancer has been following his calling and passion as a wisdom teacher and author, sharing his insights and inspiration as a public speaker, seminar leader and consultant on issues relating to parenting, marriage, child education, professional childcare, personal and professional development and business success.

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He quickly became well-known for his successful work with parents and teachers, attracting the attention of local and national media, and having one of his “parenting and child-discipline makeovers” featured in the national magazine Parenting.

Since 1996 Bob Lancer has been hosting his own radio show, a parenting show like no other in that it focuses as much on raising ourselves as on the raising of children, with the major theme of counting on love and awareness to guide ourselves in the guiding of children. Called, Bob Lancer’s Parenting Solutions, it airs 2 hours weekly on Atlanta’s WSB Radio (one of the most successful commercial stations in the nation) and broadcasts to over 35 states as well as streams in real time worldwide over the Internet .

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