We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Bob Lancer

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Bob Lancer

End Toxic Parenting For The Environment

Greetings from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. My beautiful wife Sonia and I are celebrating twenty five years of marriage. Our relationship has been truly blessed. We are so proud of our two now adult children Chris and Alejandra. Our home is celebration central, filled with family and friends from around the World every holiday, and every time we can think of an excuse to have folks over.

Sonia has been my chief collaborator during my decades long career presenting motivational shows at schools. She is a veteran special needs teacher within the Boston Public Schools. In addition to working miracles in her classroom every day, she has always offered rock solid advice on how to make my message stronger. She has also been essential in making sure I don’t let my goofy personality go too far on stage.

It hasn’t been a perfect 25 years. Like any relationship we have had our ups and downs, thankfully the ups have far out numbered the downs. But I feel our family and our marriage has a strong foundation of love and respect.

I highlighted respect because as powerful as love is, if you do not have respect our passions can cause us to say and do things that can tear people apart.

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Bob Lancer, knows all about this. Bob is one of my all time favorite guests. Every time I speak with him I come away feeling enlightened, and with a dozen ideas to ponder.

Bob is all about urging parents to be responsible for their responses. In this wide ranging interview Bob shares his theory on how we can improve our relationship with the environment, and it starts with us making the commitment to parent from Peace” and challenges us to “stop arguing, stop complaining, stop blaming.”

Bob has also very generously extended his offer of a free 20 minute consultation to any listener of the We Choose Respect ParentCast. Just call Bob directly at 770 – 364 – 9580.

Click here to visit Bob’s web site

Click here to find out about my totally interactive school assembly program

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