We Choose Respect ParentCast – Another Way Wednesday #1

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Holli Kelney

Another Way Wednesday #1

One of the things that people love most about my school assembly programs is that they are totally interactive. I love watching the faces of my volunteers light up as they cause something magical to happen in their own hands. I also know I will be far more effective in motivating kids to be respectful if they are a big, active part of the show.

kenley_holli-natureThis week my friend Holli Kenley and I are on a mission to transform my podcast into the Totally Interactive  We Choose Respect ParentCast!!! I am going to let Holli tell you in her own words, taken, with permission, directly from her blog. Click here to check out Holli’s blog!!!

“Over the next eight weeks, Jedlie of the “We Choose Respect ParentCast” and I invite you to join us as we guide our listeners through some of the tough challenges parents and their children face today. Incorporating the life-changing lessons within Another Way, each week Jedlie and I will encourage and empower our audiences, providing them with tools and strategies to create healthy changes in their children’s lives!
Our introductory podcast aired just a few weeks ago.  Take a listen. And get ready to be inspired!

“We Choose Respect Podcast” Welcomes “Another Way”

Then, each Wednesday, Jedlie and I will present a new lesson, following the

chapters in Another Way.  Get a copy of”Another Way” and follow along!  At the end of each podcast, an autographed copy of “Another Way” will be given away when one lucky listener is the first person to answer our podcast question through my email – holli@hollikenley.com or contact me through the Holli Kenley website.

This week, you will be introduced to a few of the characters in “Another Way”!  Learn about Chloe Wheeler, Amanda Hill, Youth Pastor Rick Summers, and others!

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