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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Dr Audrey Sherman With Guests Nicole Janse Van Rensburg & Chasing The Light

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fr jerryI first met Fr Jerry Hogan about 23 years ago back stage at the old Boston Garden during a performance of Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus. Fr Jerry is the national Circus Chaplin. (Didn’t know there was a circus Chaplin did you?) During that brief meeting Fr Jerry and I instantly hit it off. I loved his warm, caring and very down to earth spirit. (Check out Fr Jerry’s stole. It is a unique garment created for him out of old elephant blankets by the folks at Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus! How cool is that?)

Our paths have crossed occasionally since then. This past week our paths crossed again, and this time were we able to spend some real quality time together. Fr Jerry is the interim administrator at St Francis of Assisi parish in Dracut, MA., a parish that had hired me to perform for their Family Faith Formation program. Click here to find out how you can bring my show to your school, church or special event

st francisThe Family Faith Formation Program is kind of a back to the future approach to religious education. The program is returning parents to their role as the primary and most important teacher of faith. Many times here on the ParentCast we have heard experts and authors all say that the most effective way to teach our kids to be kind, caring and respectful is to model that behavior. The same is true for faith.

It is not easy for parents, it requires time, thought, effort. It is so much easier to drop kids off for yet another structured activity. But it is a so much more effective way for parents to help their kids grow to be the people we hope for them to be.

Sherman,_ADr Audrey Sherman is the author of the book “Dysfunction Interrupted, How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Anger Starting Now”. She likes to ask “What if you could wake up most mornings, free from the emotional baggage that’s been holding you back?” She believes she can help you if you’re anxious, angry, depressed, unsure of yourself, or finding it hard to make decisions.

Dr Sherman’s expertise is in helping people overcome dysfunctional patterns and backgrounds.  Her no-nonsense approach to psychology has helped thousands of clients move beyond depressions that wouldn’t budge, take control of debilitating anxieties, improve their marriages & help their children control their behavior.

Dr Sherman also talks about the dangerous trend of prescribing powerful psychotropic drugs to younger and younger children as a way to manage their behavior.

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nicole vanNicole Janse van Rensbrug is a certified Sleep Sense Consultant. She has been trained to offer sleep solutions that have helped over 57,000 peretns get their children sleeping through the night. Today she answers the question “why does my toddler wake up every time I lay him down?”

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chasing the lightWe end today’s show with a great song from the band Chasing The Light. This is a fun, vibrant group of guys out of Augsuta, Maine. Today they share their new song “Going All The Way.”


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