Treating Your Child’s ADHD Without Medication

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I have traveled all over the US and Puerto Rico performing my interactive school assembly programs. I can not tell you how much joy I get hearing kids respond with laughter and enthusiasm to my message of always choosing to be kind and respectful to themselves, to everyone they meet and to their environment.

As much as I love being on stage and motivating thousands, it does not come close to the joy that I have experienced being a parent to my two amazing kids, and being a surrogate parent to the many International students who have shared our home.

Being a parent is absolutely the most rewarding responsibility in the World. When we are present for our children, when we treat them with love and respect and dignity, our hearts are filled with joy as we see them return that love and respect and dignity out into the World,

At the same time, being a parent is often times the most frustrating and challenging responsibilities we can accept. It is especially challenging when we are told that one or more of our children have attention deficit / hyper activity disorder. ADHD. As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates.

If you are like most parents the first thing you would do is talk to your pediatrician. Chances are that trusted doctor will take a few minutes to tic off a few boxes in a list of behaviors to diagnose ADHD, and then prescribe a powerful psychotropic drug.

Many parents are horrified at the thought of giving your child a powerful, mind altering drug. But your doctor told you it is the best way to go, and the doctor knows best…right?

dr craig wiener

Dr Craig Wiener is a psychologist who believes there are better ways to deal with this issue than drugs. He has written a book called Parenting Your Child With ADHD. It is a comprehensive book that many parents will find very helpful.

In this fascinating interview Dr Wiener talks about the potential dangers that could come from long term use of these very power drugs. More importantly he suggests a more holistic approach to determining the best individualized approach to deal with your child’s unique needs.

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