The Art of Simplicity

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The We Choose Respect ParentCast – The Art of Simplicity

Starring Evita Ochel, With Special Guests Sharon Bolt & Frank Dennull

lostresnhSo I have been doing this performing thing since 1983. During that time I am asked two questions, constantly. The first question is to be expected, “how did you do that trick?” I could find it annoying, but instead I use it as a way to encourage kids to go to the library to find and read magic books. The second most asked question is “how did you come up with the name Jedlie?” That question makes me smile, because the answer is I didn’t come up with it, it was a gift.

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jim cotterThe name Jim Cotter is legendary in many corners of Boston. He was a role model who had a great impact on countless lives at my alma mater Boston College High School. He was a teacher, counselor and legendary football coach, and he was my friend. And he gave me the name Jedlie.

He gave me much more. In high school he would often set up interviews for me to meet with college recruiters even though he was not my guidance counselor. When I was trying to figure out a way to make a living on stage he would find ways for me to earn extra money helping me with different programs he ran. Most of all, when most people looked at me like I was crazy when I announced I was going to try to make a living as a clown and magician Jim Cotter gave me his full support. (Wait a minute, here’s an even bigger most of all, when I told him I was thinking of proposing to the woman who became my beautiful wife he said “stop thinking and ask her already!!!”)

Jim was a fantastic role model. He always expected you to respect yourself and give your best effort in everything you did. He treated everyone with respect and expected you to do the same. He was a great and loyal friend and expected you to be the same. I feel so blessed to have known him, and I love the smile that comes across my face when I get to tell people our story.

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What is really important in your life? The next promotion, the big car, saving a bazillion for your kids college tuition? Or is the most important thing in your life the relationships you have with your family? This is the challenging question Evita Ochel asks in today’s episode of the WCR ParentCast. Evita is an internationally respected educator who is offering listeners of the WCR ParentCast an opportunity to take her online class “The Art Of Simplicity” at a 50% discount.

sharon-jake-and-basilAlso joining us today from the United Kingdom is dog training expert Sharon Bolt.Sharon answers listeners questions about puppy training. She is offering listeners a free puppy training e book

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frankieWe close the show with one of Bob Dylan’s favorite artists. That’s right, legendary artist Bob Dylan is a fan of our guest Frank Dennull. Frank’s music is filled with passion and compassion. His life is filled with love of humanity as well. He has a weekly music ministry that takes him behind the walls of the secure detention facilities housing Massachusetts’ most violent youthful offenders. Frank sees the humanity and potential in every human being.

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