Surviving Twenty Five Years Of Marriage, Eight Days Together In A Van & Your Teens

Surviving Twenty Five Years Of Marriage, Eight Days Together In A Van & Your Teens post thumbnail image

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Melissa Cohen

Surviving Twenty Five Years Of Marriage, Eight Days Together In A Van & Your Teens

I am writing this blog post on the 25th anniversary of my wedding to the most beautiful wife I could ever imagine.

My wife is an amazing veteran special needs teacher in the Boston Public Schools, She truly is a miracle worker. The progress that her students make while in her class is absolutely incredible. My wife has also been my most important collaborator. She is a major contributor to all of my school assembly programs. She not only helps me understand what issues schools need she helps me mold my often outrageous style to be appropriate for the school setting. That is something a lot of performers, including myself, can forget. What is appropriate for the theater or special event may not be effective and appropriate for a school assembly. The goal of a show in a theater is to primarily be entertaining. The goal of a school assembly is to be an effective way to deliver a message. If it is also entertaining, that makes it all the better. Big thanks to my beautiful wife for helping me to make all of my shows better.


We celebrated our anniversary by taking a road trip through the Maritime Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

We survived our 1500 plus mile road trip, (in a van with over 195,000 miles on it) and arrived back in Boston just in time to publish this wonderful Parentcast episode starring Melissa Cohen. Melissa is an LCSW based in New York City. She is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Book “ParentKnowlogy, Surviving Your Teens”. Having survived our now adult kids’ teenage years I can say that this is a great book, filled with lots of helpful information.

melissa cohen

In this episode of the ParentCast Melissa explains how the teen brain is still developing and how it is different than a fully formed adult brain. It is important information that can help us understand why teens often engage in risky behavior. She also encourages parents to give their teens the tools they need to grow into the adults they want and are meant to be, not the teens we want of need them to be.  She also encourages parents to live in the present and to practice the three R’s, reset, refocus and reconnect.

Click here to visit Melissa’s Amazon page

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