Rediscover The Joy Of Parenting

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Dr Stephanie O’Leary

Rediscover The Joy Of Parenting

“Hey, did I tell you I have two kids? I do, I have one of each flavor.”

That is one of my favorite, silly jokes that I use in my motivational school assembly program “We Choose Respect!!!”

I discovered quite by accident how much the kids in my audience loved hearing stories about my own kids. And now, even though they are 19 & 22, my audiences still love hearing about Chris and Alej. I think one of the things the kids in the audience love is hearing the love in my voice when I am talking about my family.

I love being a parent. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you, it can be the absolute toughest job in the World. But I really love being a parent.

alej pigeonsCheck out this picture. My family was with me as I was touring the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. On an off day we ventured into Viejo San Juan. Alejandra was only two and she loves animals. (She still does.) We saw about a bazillion pigeons feeding around a fountain. More than anything Alej wanted to go in and be with the pigeons. As we walked through the sea of birds I could tell that my daughter felt like she was on an adventure. I felt so blessed to be able to share that adventure with her. (And while I smile at that memory I kind of cringe looking at that horrible mullet I sported 20 years ago.)

chris applesAnd how about this blast down memory lane. That cute little guy is my son Christopher. He found joy in just about everything. It didn’t matter if we were apple picking or eating apples, whatever we were doing at that moment was the coolest thing in the world.

We get to experience that same kind of excitement and joy when we come a new international student to our home.

dr stephYes, parenting can be a joy. If it is currently not a joyful experience for you at this moment fear not. Our guest on the ParentCast is Dr Stephanie O’Leary, a noted therapist with an innovative practice in Westchester, NY. Dr Stephanie and I had a delightful conversation about ways parents can learn how to relax and rediscover the joy they felt when they first became parents.

Check out Dr Stephanie’s Conscious Parenting blog

You can learn about Dr Stephanie’s Practice here

I think you will also enjoy hearing about how I messed up my very first magic trick while I was performing for the amazing kids at Hunt Valley Elementary School in Springfield, VA.

trevor (2)Our musical guest for this episode is my friend Trevor Hager. Trevor is a multi talented singer song writer based in Virginia. He has a joy and happiness in his music that is infectious. He is also an American Idol alum and talks a bit about that experience.

Check out Trevor’s web site

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