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We believe reading to and with our kids is the single most important thing we can do as parents. Kids who are exposed to reading before pre school perform better in school, develop better communication skills, have a better mastery of language and develop logical thinking skills. And, perhaps most importantly, reading to and with your kids helps develop a stronger parent – child relationships. is dedicated to introducing you to great books that you can read with your kids. We will also feature conversations with many of today’s best kids authors.

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Cairo Jim – On The Trail To Cha Cha Muchos – By Geoffrey McSkimming

Gallery_ALC-Geoffrey-McSkimming-01Legend has it that somewhere in Peru, atop a towering, jungle-covered mountain, stand the ruins of ChaCha Muchos, the Lost City of the Dancers. What happened there nearly five hundred years ago remains a mystery. Who were these people? Why did they build their city so far from civilization? And why, in the end, did the entire tribe dance itself to extinction?

When that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet, Cairo Jim, sets out to solve the mystery, he doesn’t know that he is not the only one on the trail to ChaCha Muchos … Check Out The Cairo Jim Series – Now Available On Kindle

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The Karris Family – By Ruhani Chhabra

karrisLeah Karris doesn’t know how to cope with the changes in her family. Her teenage siblings and busy parents don’t get along at all. Leah herself deals with bullies like Zoe Hawk and tattletales like Angela Hartman, but the worst difficulty that she has to deal with is her own family. When she goes to visit her aunt, uncle, and cousins, she decides to make her family as good as her cousins’. Leah tries hard to fix her constant family fights, but she soon understands something important that she hasn’t realized before. Will Leah succeed? Or will things be as horrible as before? Will they continue being the disconnected Karris family? Check out The Karris Family on Amazon.

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