Discovering Your World One Book At A Time

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“We Want To Help Your Students Fall In Love With Reading!!!”

We are proud to introduce Jedlie’s all new reading program “Discovering Your  World, One Book At A Time!!!” In this totally interactive program former social worker and author Jedlie uses story telling, comedy, magic and illusion to get students excited about books and to read on their own!

During the show Jedlie will reveal to students how books have made a difference in his life. “Books” he explains “have helped me go travel back in time to discover what life was like for my great grandparents.” He will share how his family hosts international students in his home, and how books have helped him travel to different parts of the World, to learn more about the cultures these students come from. And of course books have helped him discover the secrets to performing amazing magic tricks!!!”

“Jedlie’s performance brought kids to the library on a beautiful Summer day and got them excited about books.”

West Roxbury Transcript, West Roxbury, MA

Students will learn the difference between fiction and non fiction, biographies and auto biographies, novels and graphic novels. More importantly, students will learn how opening books, traditional or e books, can help them shine and open up a world of opportunities.

And every student in attendance will be invited to download their own copy of Jedlie’s Magic E Book for free!!!

“Discovering Your World, One Book At A Time!!!” is adaptable to be appropriate for students from Kindergarten through Grade Eight. The show is typically 45 to 55 minutes in length. It can be presented just about anywhere. The show is completely self contained, travels with its own sound system and is fully insured.

For More Information Please Call 617 833 7063 or via email