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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Bree Noble

Featuring Susan Didrichsen and the Crazy Daysies

Greetings once again from Manassas, Virginia!!!

Victory crop 2 resizeI am here in beautiful Prince William County all week presenting my brand new school assembly program “We Choose Respect!!!” Today I had the honor of presenting my show to the quality students at Victory Elementary School. These kids were phenomenal. Respectful, excited, respectful, animated, respectful, friendly, grateful, did I mention respectful? They were all of that and more.

I know your kids will love my school assembly program, click here to check it out!!!

I don’t usually use words like quality to describe an audience. I most often use words like beautiful, fantastic, fun. The folks at Victory strive to be quality students, and they are succeeding. I think it is great that the school has set that expectation for the kids. It is my experience that when you let a student know what is expected of them, then give them the love and support they need to meet that expectation, they almost never let you down.

Thanks to everyone at Victory elementary school, the staff, students, PTO, everyone, you have created a wonderful, caring learning environment for your kids. They are going to help make this world a better place. And I know a lot of you are visiting the site (downloads of the podcast are going through the roof, and they are mostly going to Virginia!!!) welcome to the We Choose Respect Worldwide ParentCast family!!!

bree noble picIt is a very happy coincidence that on a day that I meet great, quality kids I am also publishing my interview with Bree Noble, founder and visionary of Women of Substance radio. This is a fantastic internet radio show and podcast that features music created by talented, female artists. Bree founded the radio station because she wanted a playlist of the female indie artists she loves. She took that dream and turned it into a successful business. Her podcast has been downloaded over 100,000 times. (We have a long way to go to get to 100,000, but get there we will, with your continued help and support.)

Check out Women of Substance radio here

women of substance logoI think it is great that Bree made her dream a reality. And I love that her dream is also helping talented women make their dreams come true too. What is your dream? I know you have one, probably more. I know you dream that you kids will be healthy, happy and respectful, (that’s why you are here). But I also know you have a dream for yourself. Go for it! I know you can do it, and after you listen to Bree I bet you will believe you can do it too!!!

Check out Bree’s Music Business Website

This episode also features music from two friends, friends who came to the Parentcast thanks to Bree. Enjoy a return visit from Susan Didrichsen and the Crazy Daysies!!!

susan didrichsen

Check out Susan Didrichsen’s music here

bench image The Crazy Daysies

Check out the Crazy Daysies’ web site


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