What Can Be Stranger Than An Old Magician In A Do-Rag?

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Glenn Stevens & Musical Guest Sarah Kervin

DSC01641I am truly blessed. I do believe I have been blessed with one of the most amazing jobs in the World. For the past 25 plus years I have been traveling the country using magic, music and comedy to motivate kids to make healthy choices and to be respectful of one another. In that time I have visited places I never would have visited had I not been invited. I literally met over a million kids. (Yes met. I shake hands with almost every kid at every show. Shaking hands with little guys can sometimes be a sticky and slimy experience. I have an amazing immune system.)

This week I had the chance to return to the beautiful Park Avenue School in Auburn, Maine. This was perhaps my 6th annual visit to this very unique school. As many of you know Maine is a wonderful state known for its forest, rugged coast line, lobsters, skiing and woopee pies. It is not known for its diversity.

park ave 2That is not the case in the neighboring cities of Lewiston and Auburn. In the early 2000’s a large number of Somali immigrants¬† moved to the area. It was quite surprising the first time I visited the school and saw such a large number of Somali kids in my audience. What was so wonderful about that first visit was seeing how all of the kids were getting along.

pinwheels for peaceA big reason for the respect the Park Avenue students have for one another is Principal Vicky Gaylord and her amazing team of teachers. Each year I have been honored to be a part of the school’s annual respect day, a day where the kids make a commitment to be respectful and caring. In addition to hosting a performance of We Choose Respect the school’s staff plans a day filled with inspiring activities, including their wonderful “Pin Wheels For Peace”.

Two big thumbs up for Mrs Gaylord and all of the beautiful Park Avenue teachers, students and parents. You are all making the world a better place with your love.

glenn stevensI know that every parent wants their kids to be able to go to a school like Park Avenue School, a school where they feel safe, included and successful. Every parent wants their kids to live in a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Until that days becomes a reality, Glenn Stevens would like to empower your kid with simple, practical safety skills. Based in Queensland, Australia, Glenn is a martial arts expert. author, teacher and speaker. He is not looking to turn everyone into a karate chopping machine. He is committed to helping kids and adults feel empowered with knowledge and skills they can use to help them become more confident and less attractive to predators and bullies.

Click here to travel to Glenn’s web site

sarah kervinSarah Kervin is a multi talented singer – songwriter who hails from Atlanta. Now based in Brooklyn, she has used her jazz and classical training to tell heart felt stories with her music.She began playing fiddle with her dad at the age of four. Sarah’s music has taken her around the World to perform at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. In this episode of the ParentCast she shares her powerful, soulful song “The Least You Could Do.” Proceeds from the sale of this single go to support the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Explore Sarah Kervin’s music here

As always you can learn all about the live school assembly program I shared with the Park Avenue Kids at www.wechooserespect.com

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