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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Monica Parker with Musical Guest Jonas Woods

alej salemI hope you have had a great holiday weekend. Like a lot of my neighbors in Massachusetts my family and I went to Salem, Massachusetts to take in the Haunted Happenings in America’s Witch City. We had a great time seeing all the ghosts and goblins and other characters walking the streets of Salem. It did fell a bit awkward at times explaining to our Italian guest Camilla how Salem turned a horrible chapter of history, the Salem Witch Trials, into a fun tourist attraction. But then again a lot of things we are introducing Camilla to in America don’t always make sense.

I guess it is an interesting coincidence that on the day that we were strolling with the demons I am debuting an interview with Monica Parker, the author of the book “OMG, How Do Children See God?”

omgIt is a very interesting question, how do our little ones perceive God. And how do parents open up the subject of God with their young children? Our guest Monica Parker chronicles conversations she’s had with children on these questions and more in the new book OMG! How Children See God. Using kids’ words and pictures, Parker uncovers the funny to the serious, and the confused to the spiritual when it comes to how they view God.

Parker was first intrigued by the child’s take on God when her then seven-year-old son started revealing his own opinions on God. “I was thrilled that we were talking about God. That conversation has never stopped,” says Parker. This led her to randomly ask young children how they felt about God. “Their answers always surprised and delighted me” Parker writes, “and, in many cases, made me laugh out loud. On occasion the answers also made me weep.”

OMG! showcases the differences and similarities shared by kids of every economic, cultural, and religious background. Their insights can be funny, poignant, and galvanizing, with deeply-rooted sentiments.

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jonas-and-becky-woodsJoining us in this episode of the ParentCast is my friend Jonas Woods. Jonas is a multi-talented singer song writer who, as some would say, married up. His beautiful wife Becky is an equally talented singer and designer. “When You Know” is a delightful song that tells the story of how these two amazing parents met and then fell in love.

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