New ParentCast Episode Starring Dr Art Capperauld

New ParentCast Episode Starring Dr Art Capperauld post thumbnail image

Is your family getting the most out of the foods you eat? If your like most families chances are the answer is no. But have no fear, our brave and knowledgeable friend Dr Art Capperauld is here to help us all make healthier choices for ourselves and our kids.

dr artAs President of Concepts For Health, Dr. Art Capperauld has developed a unique system of health and healing over the last 23+ years of his clinical experience with 10’s of 1000’s of people asking his advice from coast to coast.

Health is dependent upon many things and the older we get, the more vital health and independence becomes to all of us.

But experience has taught Dr. Capperauld that no matter what the illness, there is always the possibility that it can be overcome.

By empowering people with the “right” information, techniques, how-to’s and personalized attention, Dr. Capperauld believes that everyone can learn to have the health and healing that they desire.

Click here to visit Dr Capperauld’s Concepts for Health Website

For more information call Dr Art directly at 559 – 475 – 8611


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