Jedlie’s Totally Interactive Magic Circus!!!

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Jedlie’s Magic Circus!!! Has been entertaining families for over 30 years!!!


Jedlie provides the energy and direction, but the real stars of this circus are in the audience. That is right, Jedlie uses volunteers, selected at random from the audience, to perform his amazing tricks and illusions.

look at the egg close

“Jedlie drew kids to the library on a Summer day, encouraging them to read and use their imaginations”
The Transcript Newspaper Group, Boston, MA

Imagine this; the people in the audience see a board laying on top of two ordinary folding chairs. Jedlie invites a member of the audience to sit and then lie down on the board. He then removes the chair from beneath the volunteer’s feet, and then the board from under her body, leaving her balanced on top of the remaining folding chair. The audience will be amazed as they see their neighbor seem to “float in the air.”


“Jedlie’s performance was just what we were looking for, the audience participation was great!”
Brenda Rodriguez, Supervisor, Brockton Public Library, Brockton, MA


“Jedlie’s Magic Circus!!!” is a fast paced show that is jammed packed with fun and excitement. It is fun for kids of all ages, and is an especially popular family event. The show can be staged just about anywhere, travels with its own sound system, is fully insured and is a great value. It is a truly wonderful event that will draw families to your library, fair, mall, fundraiser or special event.

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