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we choose respect yellow 768 -289“We Choose Respect!!!” motivates students to wake up every morning and choose to respect everyone they meet, every day, everywhere. In the show students learn that choosing to respect means that stand up for each other, respond to the needs of others, make everyone feel accepted and welcome. Be sure to check out our weekly companion “We Choose Respect!!!” Podcast and Ezine,

We are proud to introduce Jedlie’s all new reading program “Discovering Your  World, One Book At A Time!!!” In this totally interactive program former social worker and author Jedlie uses story telling, comedy, magic and illusion to get students excited about books and to read on their own!


boss logoSince 1983 “Boss Of My Body!!!” has been motivating students to make healthy choices for their lives, to say yes to things that can help them grow, reading, exercise, good food, being a good friend, and saying no to things that can hurt us, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and violence.

magic circus logo black“Jedlie’s Totally Interactive Magic Circus!!!” has been entertaining families throughout the US and Puerto Rico since 1983 while promoting reading and kindness.