Its A Small & Beautiful & Wonderfully Crazy World!!!

Its A Small & Beautiful & Wonderfully Crazy World!!! post thumbnail image

The We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Jodel Onstott

Featuring A Special Report From Azlin Bloor and Music From The Crazy Daysies

I feel so very lucky to have been able to bring a smile to millions of faces through my interactive motivational magic shows. Every smile is special and precious. I can’t say I remember every single smile, but there are some smiles and some situations I will never forget.

mansfield lights 2One of those occasions happened in a Massachusetts playground one hot, summer day. A small town south of Boston invited me to be a part of the Summer Concert Series. I couldn’t help but notice three very distinct groups attending the show. A group from a Christian Camp, a second group from a Hasidic Jewish camp and a third group of kids from a Muslim camp. All of the kids and parents loved the magic, and many came up to the stage for pictures at the end of the show. The kids from the three camps also came up to ask question. The Rabbi who brought the Hasidic kids asked if I could teach his kids how to do a magic trick. I immediately knew I was just handed a chance to teach much more than magic.

I brought one of the kids up to perform a classic “find the four kings” trick. Basically I ask the volunteer to cut the deck and the deal out four piles of cards. Even though the cards are never in my control the volunteer is able to find she had dealt the kings to the top of each pile. I often use this trick in my church shows to remind kids that no matter what is going on in their lives they can always find their king, their God, there to help them.

In addition to teaching them the simple way to perform the trick I used this as an opportunity to teach them that even though they all looked different from each other, even though they had different faiths, and even though they referred to their God by different names, they all in fact believed in the same God.

My experience has shown me that fear, especially fear of the unknown, drives a lot of the horrible things that happen between otherwise good people. I firmly believe that learning about people who are different than we are will help our children learn to be respectful of people from every corner of the World.

jodelI was a bit hesitant to invite Jodel Onstott, author of “YWH Exists”, on to the show. The We Choose Respect ParentCast is for everyone, I don’t ever want someone to feel excluded. The more I learned about Jodel and her research, and the more I thought about that wonderful day in the Park, the more I wanted to speak to Jodel. The Old Testament of the Bible is one of the most influential documents ever written. I is honored by all three major monotheistic religions. Jodel has done over 15 years of extensive research into the Old Testament. I think you will find her work fascinating.

azlinThis episode also features a special report by our good friend Azlin Bloor. Lin is on an around the World adventure with her family. She will be reporting from many of the ports of call her family will find themselves in. She begins her adventure in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the wedding of her niece.

bench image The Crazy DaysiesWe close our show with our special musical guest the Crazy Daysies and their song “Where the Dirt Runs out Of Road” I think you are going to love these rocking ladies from Jacksonville, FL.

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