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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Robert Lamar and Musical Guest Kardia

Gratitude. It is so important. Scientists have shown that people who live gratefully are happier, healthier and generally more successful. Teaching kids to be grateful has been an important part of my show for over a decade. I truly believe that it is easier for us to be respectful of ourselves and others when we focus on and are grateful for the things we have instead on moaning about the things we wish for.

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ns me & soniNot too long ago I shared with you pictures and stories about a recent road trip my beautiful wife and I took to the Maritime Provinces of Canada. While in Halifax, Nova Scotia we experienced the beauty of the land and the kindness of a truly friendly and grateful people. In December of 1917 Halifax suffered a devastating man made disaster. Two ships collided while passing each other in the harbor causing a massive explosion. 2000 people lost their lives, 9000 people suffered horrific injuries. Days later a snow storm dropped 16 inches of snow on the city. The survivors were hurt, cold and hungry.

People from all over Canada and the US rallied to help, especially the people of Boston. Since that time the city of Halifax has shown its gratitude by sending a beautiful Christmas Tree to Boston each year. To be honest I had always though of it as a quaint tradition, more of a P.R. exercise to promote tourism.

ns churchBoy was I wrong. As my wife and I walked the city the genuinely friendly people of Halifax would ask us where we were from. Whenever we said Boston their eyes would light up and they would want to tell us how grateful they were for the kindness Boston showed to their grandparents and parents in their time of need.

As I was posting pictures of our trip on social media a “Facebook friend” and fellow magician, Robert Lamar popped up to suggest places I should visit while in his province.  We had a couple of wonderful conversations, and again he shared his knowledge of the Halifax – Boston connection.

robert lamar picI invited Robert on the ParentCast to talk about the spirit of gratitude that I found so refreshing. During our conversation Robert talks a little about some misconceptions about hypnotism and about his courageous decision to put his stage career on hold while he and his wife raised their kids. I also talk about my first trip to Nova Scotia. More than 30 years ago I took a solo bicycle trip around the island. I had a great time but also experienced what one person thought was a near death experience. It is a wonderful chat that I think you will enjoy.

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kardiaAlso joining us are special musical guests Kardia, a great band based in Western Massachusetts. They played a farewell concert of sorts last night at Connectfest. Two of their members will be leaving the band to pursue other interests. But remaining members Jared and Jason tell me they are regrouping and vow to be back better than ever.

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