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Family is a beautiful thing. eddie gI don’t know how many years ago I was visiting Diamond’s Magic, one of my favorite Magic Shops. The now retired owner Eddie Gardner was behind the counter showing me this delightful little trick that enabled a magician to turn a bunch of individual beads into a necklace. As he was explaining what he thought was the best features of the trick I knew instinctively how I was going to use it. DSC01641

“Boys and girls, I have these green beads, they look like they came out of my…but they didn’t. I am going to ask some people to hold onto one of these green beads. Please do not put them in your ear, or your nose, or your mouth. But if I give you a green bead I want you to hold it and think about something you are thankful for.”

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In all the years I have been performing this trick and asking that question the most common answer I hear is “family”.One of the first times I performed this trick a 60 year old man broke into tears and said he was thankful for his families, his wife and kids, his church family, his neighbors. A teenager got up and said she was thankful for the family that adopted her, and for the scared teenage mom who refused to abort her.”┬áThis past week a young sixth grade boy stood up and said he was thankful that he was a foster kid who had been placed in a family with two dads who loved him.

I recently found a quote by an unknown author. “Family isn’t always blood. Family is the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. the ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.”


Balcony Close UpWe have a jam packed Family Fun Friday Edition of the We Choose Respect ParentCast. It is all about introducing you to great activities that you can do with your families that will help you grow closer together in love. Our featured guest is Stephanie Dryer, also known as Veeg Mama, the author of “Not A Nugget” Stephanie talks to us about the benefits of being more aware of the foods we eat and of a Veegan lifestyle.

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bo-and-ellan-no-backgroundOur friends from New Zealand, Peter & Ellen Jarratt talk to us about a fabulous family art project.Imagine the fun you will have sharing memories with your child and working together to create fun art.


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trainer jack 2Fitness Expert Jack Wilson talks to us about the benefits of exercise and how easy it is to get the family to exercise together.

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Our musical guest is our friend Chris Hardy. Chris does all of the great character voices for the show. Today he is sharing his song “Butter on the Brain”.

Blast off to Chris Hardy World

And to close out the show our host Jedlie tells us how to cook delicious, gluten free, low calorie Banana Pancakes.

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