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kenley_holli-natureI think as parents we want our kids to feel like they are a star every time we speak to them. It’s not easy. Our kids can be challenging, frustrating, they can be infuriating. But they are our kids, and it is our job to help them grow to be responsible, strong, healthy adults.

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To do our job as parents means that we have to speak to our kids about things that can, well, make us feel uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean we have to have one of “those talks.”

Holli Kenley’s novel “Another Way” offers teens and parents a great tool to build those strong relationships, to have those important, ongoing, conversations about potentially life changing choices.

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Holli has generously agreed to create an extensive 9 week look into the novel “Another Way” and the curriculum she created for parents, teachers and other youth workers.

At the end of each podcast, an autographed copy of “Another Way” will be given away when one lucky listener is the first person to answer our podcast question with an email to –

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Holli’s First ParentCast Appearance

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