Yum!!! We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Barbara Beery

Yum!!! We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Barbara Beery post thumbnail image

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Barbara Beery

For the past 32 years I have become known for motivating kids to be respectful and kind through magic shows that are fun, exciting and totally interactive!!! Barbara Beery believes that building great relationships with your kids begins by creating a totally interactive family kitchen.  And while it has been over a decade since my now adult son Chris would help me cook French Toast on Sunday mornings, I had an experience this year that confirms Barbara’s belief.

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In April I learned how to cook Chinese Dumplings, from scratch!!!

This year my family hosted Sophia, a sweet, caring, intelligent young woman from Shijiazhuang, China in our home while she studied in Boston. One night at dinner my family decided to tell her what a disaster I caused trying to cook frozen dumplings. After we all had a good laugh Sophia offered to teach me how to cook the real thing. I jumped at the opportunity.

The kitchen filled with exotic scents as we chopped and rolled and mixed many ingredients I had never seen before. I had a blast, and experienced a real sense of accomplishment. And Sophia and I grew very close.

When I told this week’s ParentCast guest Barbara Beery that story she was not surprised. She is the founder and visionary behind foodiekids.com and a small library of cook books, all designed to help parents and kids create great healthy meals together.

Barbara is a firm believer that parents and kids cooking together is great for so many reasons. It builds self esteem, it is a great way to build great relationships, to parents and kids communicate and to teach great eating habits.

In addition to telling us about “The Snow Princess Cookbook”, her latest in a series of wonderful publications, Barbara teaches us how to prepare this fun, nutritious school lunch.

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