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Get Out Of The Dumpster – WCR ParentCast Starring Dr Reggie Padin & Musical Guest Eddy Mann

reggieLife can be tough. We have so many challenges, bills, worries about our kids. Sometimes we can feel like we are looking at the world from the bottom of a dumpster. Dr Reggie Padin literally found himself in that position. He pulled himself out of that dumpster and went on to become an internationally sought after consultant and speaker. He is here to motivate you to pull yourself out of what ever dumpster life may have dropped you into.


Our musical guest is Eddie Mann encouraging us to Rise Up.

More Chocolate – WCR ParentCast Starring Dr Roger Lucas, VeegMama & Chris Hardy

Dr Roger Lucas is a respected dentist and is out to help kids have better dental health. His solution – More Chocolate, No Cavities!

Check Out The Dentist Dad

stephanie-veegmamaWe are also joined by our great friend VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer who has a delicious recipe for Grilled Portabellos.

Great Recipes & So Much More

And back with more music from his Spillover Effect project is Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy World Is A Great Place To Visit



iheartradioThe We Choose Respect ParentCast Is Also Available On iHeartRadio

Three Incredible Women – WCR ParentCast Starring Dr Michele Summers Colon, Bo Jarratt & Alison Reynolds

drmichele-summers-colonOn today’s episode of the ParentCast we meet three fascinating women. Our featured guest is Dr Michele Summers Colon, a physician, surgeon, health coach, yoga teacher, anatomy instructor, author and overall health & wellness expert, Dr. Michele Summers Colon is known as The Holistic Podiatrist of Southern California and has been interviewed and quoted in many prominent publications including USA Today, US News & World Reports, Health Magazine, Yahoo! Makers, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. One of Dr. Michele’s greatest strengths is her ability to help women create balanced, healthy lives by looking at the whole picture. Dr. Michele combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine to create individualized health & wellness plans for her clients.

You Can Work With Dr Michele –

We also meet a young tween named Skylar, as portrayed by the incredibly talented Bo Jarratt. Bo is the daughter of our friends Peter & Ellen Jarratt. This “interview” was done completely spontaneously and I believe it gives a great look into the pysche of a young woman in middle school trying to discover who it is she is meant to be.

Please Visit Jarratt’s Create And Educate

Our musical guest is now to the ParentCast. Alison Reynolds is a multi talented singer songwriter that I am sure you will love.

Visit Alison’s Web Site

Talented Kids In The House!!! – WCR ParentCast Starring Ruhani Chhabra, Jackie LeDuc & Musical Guest Trevor Hager

jackie leducI love introducing you to amazingly talented people. Today I have the honor of introducing you to two incredibly talented authors. Jackie LeDuc is a 17 year old author from Massachusetts. She has three of her books published, a children’s book and two young adults books that are a bit on the dark side, The Demonic Eyes and World Domination Bloody Nightmares.

Check Out Jackie’s Amazon Page

karrisWe will also have a chance to meet the author of The Karris Family, Ruhani Chhabra who is, get this, 11 years old! Our musical guest is our friend, Trevor Hager, who we used to think of as young but compared to Ruhani and Jackie he is an experienced old hand,

Check Out Ruhani’s Amazon Page

Be Sure To Check Out All The Great Music Available At



The Blind Blogger WCR ParentCast Starring Max Ivey & Musical Guest MARi

max iveyThis is a fun interview. Today we meet Max Ivey. He grew up in a family of carnival owners. All he ever wanted to do was to continue in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business.

As you might guess, that didn’t happen. He did help in the business over the years, but couldn’t sustain it after the early death of his father. Max then turned to helping people sell their amusement equipment by starting The Midway Marketplace web site.

Max started blogging to promote that site and met a lot of wonderful people in the blogosphere. They all agreed that Max has an amazing and inspirational story. I think you will agree as well.

Be Sure To Visit

We will also be joined by our great musical guest Mari with her song It’s A Beautiful Day.

It Is Always A Beautiful Day At


Cure Concussions? WCR ParentCast Starring Dr Joanny Liu & Musical Guest Ed Roman

joanny liuDr Joanny Liu is a doctor in Chinese Medicine who tells us she specializes in providing extraordinary sports medicine that delivers extraordinary results. She is here today to talk about the extraordinary work she has done with patients suffering from consussions. She tells us that her patients experience faster recoveries, especially from concussions. A fascinating conversation.

To Learn More Visit Dr Joanny’s Web Site

Our musical guest today is Ed Roman. Ed will be a featured guest on an upcoming episode of the Parentcast. Today we hear his single “I Am Love”

Great Music Available At Ed Roman’s Web Site

The Netflix of Children's Books


Music Moves Awareness – WCR ParentCast Starring Barby Ingle & Ken Taylor

BarbyIn this episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast we meet the President of the International Pain Foundation Barbie Ingle and her husband Ken Taylor. Barbie is one of the millions of people world wide who suffer from chronic pain. She is here with her husband to talk about chronic pain and how we can support individuals who are suffering from it. They are also here to tell us about a very exciting program they are launching called Music Moves Awareness. Our musical guest is the artist known as iPain, singing Hope Is True, the anthem that is launching the Music Moves Awareness Project.

For More Information Please Visit



The We Choose Respect ParentCast Is Also Available On iHeartRadio

Develop Healthy Lifestyles – WCR ParentCast Starring Dr Kelly Baez, VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer & Chris Hardy

kelly baez croppedDr Kelly Baez is known as the FitShrink and she wants to change the way you think about health. She wants to know, How many diets have you tried? How many times have you gotten the latest exercise video, or joined a gym, only to realize that at the end of the day you are too tired and too busy?

She knows because she has been there too. And she wants to share what she learned on her journey with you.

And she is here to tell us the secret: it’s not about finding the right diet plan – it’s about making your own plan. One that works for you. You are going to love Meeting Dr Kelly Baez, the fit shrink.

Check Out The Fit Shrink Web Site

We are also joined by our favorite chef VeegMama Stephanie Dreyer and our favorite musical guest Chris Hardy.

Lots of great recipes at

Experience a world of great music at


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Meet The Amazing Phyllis Wong WCR ParentCast Starring Geoffrey McSkimming Featuring Kathy Taberner, Kirsten Siggins and Musical Guest Chris Hardy

sue anne & geoffreyOh what a fabulous episode of the We Choose Respect ParentCast. Our featured guest today is Geoffrey McSkimming, author of the Phyllis Wong Mysteries. Phyllis Wong is a courageous and loyal friend, and a very clever conjuror. You are going to love meeting Phyllis and her lovable collection of friends. You are also going to love meeting her creator, Geoffrey McSkimming

Phyllis Wong Colouring In CompClick on the picture to download this great exclusive coloring page for your kids!

Check out the Phyllis Wong Website

Also joining us are two of our favorite guests, from the Institute of Curiosity Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Siggins. They are here to encourage us to look at our kids teachers through more than just one story.

Achieve a Higher State of Curiosity

And our musical guest is also one of our favorites, Chris Hardy.

Check out all of Chris’ fun music

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Evita Ochel with Musical Guest Joanna Marie

EvitaOchelMaineThe New Year is here, Instead of making a long list of grandiose resolutions that are difficult to achieve and will almost always be forgotten by February, why not focus on making fundamental life style changes that will help you come alive. Our friend Evita Ochel returns to tell us how we can embrace the 5 Pillars of Optimal Health and make 2016 our best year ever.

Make 2016 the best year ever, discover the 5 Pillars of Optimal Health

We also welcome singer songwriter Joanna Marie from Dublin, Ireland to the We Choose Respect ParentCast family.

Check out all of Joanna Marie’s music & videos

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We Choose Respect Parentcast Starring Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of “Pay It Forward”

catherine ryan hydeCatherine Ryan Hyde is the author of almost thirty books and hundreds of short stories, The book she is most known for is Pay It Forward which was made into a movie. In this interview Catherine talks about her inspiration for Pay It Forward, how to inspire kids to be kind, and reminds us that “when we focus on beauty we live in a beautiful world.” Read More…

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Special thanks to our friends at for their help in recruiting great guests!