We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Rich Korb

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“3 plus 6 equals one?”

Rich Korb, the author of the new book “Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students To Learn” tells us that the secret to motivating students is in the equation 3 plus 6 equals one.

Sounds like some crazy new math right?

It does, but Rich is a guy who knows his way around the classroom. He has over 30 years experience teaching students with a variety of challenges and special needs. Speaking with Rich was a lot of fun, and brought back lots of memories.


Before I began a career presenting totally interactive, motivational school assembly programs I was a social worker assigned to work with a variety of young people with a plethora of challenges. Early in my career I worked with young people committed to the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System. Many of the experiences that led to Rich’s insights were very familiar to me. One of Rich’s observations that really rang true for me was “if you want kids to be respectful you must show your kid respect, you must model respect.”

Showing respect to the clients that I worked in various secure facilities, a polite way of saying “kid jail”,  was the most important tool I had in trying to help them turn their lives around.

I left social work frustrated, burned out and a bit lost. When I discovered the stage what made me most excited was not the applause, but it was the realization that I could use magic and humor and respect to motivate kids to make positive choices and avoid the pain that my clients suffered, and caused to others.

I think you will enjoy listening to Rich share his experience and insights. I know you will want to get his free guide to the 3 plus 6 equals 1 equation. You can get it by send an email to rich@pioneereducationconsulting.com

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