We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Jenn Kozek

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Jenn Kozek, LPC, HPN

Author of Healing Without Hurting

It is early Saturday night. I am here in the palatial We Choose Respect Worldwide ParentCast studios. My loyal doggie Auggie is standing guard on the futon, (he is a truly skilled guard dog, any intruder would assume that Auggie is fast asleep. But that snoring is simply a disguise, I know he is waiting to strike out at any moment)Today was a wonderful day. My Summer season came to a magnificent end with a performance at the East Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library.If you have ever flown into Boston’s Logan Airport you have been in East Boston.

I have a special place in my heart for the East Boston neighborhood. I lived in East Boston about a million years ago. I was so proud of my tiny first apartment, and have so many wonderful memories. It has the very best view of the Boston skyline.

My audience today was simply beautiful. Lots of families, lots of young kids. A true rainbow. Where the neighborhood had been almost exclusively Italian it is now the home of folks from Italy, Central America and the Middle East. As I stood on stage I felt like I was looking out at a beautiful rainbow of smiles.

Speaking of Italy, our family is very excited to welcome a new International student from Italy to our home tomorrow. She will be sharing our home and hopefully feel like she is part of our family while she is studying in Boston. (Actually she will be sharing our home for a year, I am hoping she will come to feel like a part of our family for the rest of her life.) I am sure I will be sharing lots of stories in the very near future. Don’t be surprised if one of the stories involves me trying to say one thing in Italian and instead saying something very different.

jenn kozecI am also happy to share my interview with Jenn Kozek with all of you. Jenn is the author of the book “Healing Without Hurting.” It tells the story of her son Evan and his struggles with a whole host of health and development issues. Despite being a medical professional, or perhaps because she is a medical professional, she was very resistant to allowing her child to take the powerful drugs her physicians were diagnosing.

Jenn was a brave advocate for her child, not willing to give up hope. Her story is both heart breaking and hopeful. You may be brought to tears hearing of Evan’s early years. But don’t tune out, the story has a very happy ending.

And fair warning!!! My 2015 – 16 School Season starts this coming week in Southern Vermont!!!

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