We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Dr John DeGarmo

We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Dr John DeGarmo post thumbnail image

Would you be shocked to learn that each day there are over 500,000 kids in foster care. 500,000!!! That is bigger than the population of Cleveland, Ohio.

That sobering fact was brought to my attention by Dr John DeGarmo. John is a fascinating guy. He is a husband, dad of 6 (both biological and adoptive) and currently the foster dad to a set of three siblings. I know what you’re thinking, that house must be in a constant state of mayhem.

dr john degarm

On some days Dr John admits you would be absolutely right. And Dr John seems to feel right at home in the middle of all that mayhem. Perhaps it is his extensive training, or huge heart, or maybe he can deal with all that craziness thanks to his days in professional wrestling. (You read that right!!!)

In this interview Dr John talks about his very interesting past, the decisions that led him and his wife to open their home to the most vulnerable children, and tells us how we can help.

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