We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Azlin Bloor

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Azlin Bloor

A Sweet, Spicy & Sexy Taste Of The World

Remember having big dreams as a kid? “One day I am going to …” I still have those dreams. I dream that I will travel to every corner of the Earth to perform my motivational magic. That dream hasn’t come true, yet. I have had the chance to perform throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. And as you may know I just returned from a tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces. But I have a long way to go to make my dream come true.

One of the things that has fueled my desire to perform all over the World are the smiles that I see when I perform my school assembly and use it to remind people of how special they are. Magic is a universal language. I know because I have performed for many non English speaking audiences since my debut in 1983.

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after showI am also motivated by the relationships I have developed with people from all over the World. My family has hosted international students from Japan, China and Italy. We sponsored a young man from India through college and are so proud of the work he is doing bringing clean water and other resources to a poor village in the Andre Pradesh District of India.

Food is the another universal language. That is one of the reasons I am so very happy to be able introduce you to our latest guest, Azlin Bloor!!!


Azlin Bloor is a former English and Economics teacher, now a Homeschooling Mum of 4, Live Food Show Host, Cookery Teacher and Private Chef.

She is passionate about food, cooking and eating! She loves to experiment with new recipes for her husband and kids. She is excited that as her kids get older, they are starting to experiment in the kitchen too.

Azlin was born and raised in Singapore, in a family as multi cultural as the United Nations and is now based in the UK. She is has a number of online cooking classes available on the Udemy learning platform and is the author of Simply Singapore. In this episode of the ParentCast Azlin introduces us to her Smokey Marsala Linguine


You are going to love Azlin’s take on being creative in the kitchen. She brings together flavors and influences from different cultures together to create mouth watering dishes your family will love. She has a brand new class available on Udemy.com, called Five Quick and Easy Weeknight Curries and she is offering you a chance to take this class at a great discounted rate.

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