We Choose Respect ParentCast – Confessions of a Thong Selling Writing Teacher

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Chris Pilny

Confessions of a Thong Selling Writing Teacher

Greetings from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have been calling this “the worldwide ParentCast” for a couple of weeks, we do have regular listeners on every continent except Antarctica. (If anyone has any connection with anyone living on Antarctica would you please ask them to give the Parentcast a listen?)  And now we have taken one more step in going global by uploading an episode from the beautiful island of Prince Edward, Canada.

My wife and I have been celebrating our 25th anniversary with a tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces. (Don’t get all “why are you on the computer while celebrating your anniversary” with me. We have spent lots of great time together, and it is our 25th anniversary, not our honeymoon.) It really is a wonderful part of the world. The views are spectacular, and the people are truly friendly, polite and respectful. (They are so polite I am having to be extra patient while driving. They drive very differently here than we do in Boston.)

As you might imagine I get a lot of requests from folks who want to be on the ParentCast. One of those request came from a young guy from Nashville, Chris Pilny.

chris pilney

Chris Pilny is not a dad, he is not a doctor or the author of a book on parenting. He is not one of our usual guests here on the We Choose Respect ParentCast.

Chris is, as our subtitle suggests, a young man who left the rough and tumble world of selling thongs and other lacy under garments to teach inner city kids creative writing, and survived to talk about the experience!

This is a fun interview that will help you appreciate your kids’ teachers and your kids’ potential.

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