Let Them Eat Cake, In Bed

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Sheri Fink With Musical Guest Alani Claire

Hey, how did you celebrate your birthday this year?

me and soniTomorrow is my beautiful wife Sonia’s birthday. She gets to celebrate it… how did you guess, watching me perform! (Probably not her favorite thing to do, especially since tomorrow I am scheduled to open a large outdoor music festival, and it is supposed to rain, hard. I think I will suggest she stay home.)

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Sonia has been my best friend for over 25 years. She is amazing. I do not know how she has managed to deal with me and my crazy, roller coaster of a career. She is always there to support me, and to let me know when I need to step up my game and work harder. Fear not, we will find ways to celebrate that do not involve me dancing around on a stage.

A couple of months ago when the ParentCast was in its infancy author Sheri Fink came on the show to tells all about her whimsical world of beautiful and inspirational children’s books.

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Cake_In_Bed_Kickstarter_Sheri_Fink_OnlineThe interview was great fun for me. I loved Sheri’s energy and positive outlook on life. I especially loved one of the statements she made on the show, “people who feel loved make better decisions.” That quote inspired me to create a new magic trick that I debuted this past week at Park Avenue School In Webster, MA. It is still a work in progress but shows great potential.

Today is Sheri’s birthday. She is celebrating it by being on the ParentCast to tell us about her brand new Kickstarter campaign to launch her new novel for adults entitled “Cake In Bed”. Sheri calls the book “fun and flirty”. I have a feeling my wife is going to love it. I think you will love it too.

I know I loved talking to Sheri about the new campaign, and I think you will love listening. It is a fun interview, a conversation between a couple of friends. And I hope you will consider joining me in taking part in the Kickstarter campaign to help make “Cake In Bed” a reality.

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Our musical guest for this episode is Alani Claire, singing “I Am Gonna Tell” a emotion filled song written by Darcy Jeavons. Alani was 14 at the time she recorded this song. She is an amazing vocalist, and Darcy is a fantastic writer. Together they have created a song that I know will move you.

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