We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Holli Kenley – Another Way Wednesday # 6

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We Choose Respect ParentCast Starring Holli Kenley

Another Way Wednesday # 6

I just got back from the soccer field. Our international student Camy took the field with her team mates and came away with a big victory. I have had a chance to see a couple of games this season, and hope to be able to see at least a couple more. I feel really blessed to have a job that allows me rearrange my schedule to be able to attend Camy’s game. It was a real blessing when Chris and Alejandra were younger. I was able to attend most of the dance recitals and football games and wrestling matches and parent teacher conferences.I wish every parent had the same flexibility in their professional life that I have been able to create in mine.

20150928_161831I know you know it is not about the win, or seeing a great sporting event, it is about being there for our kids. Just a few weeks ago Camy and I were strangers. Now, I think we have become good friends.  That friendship was built on being there for each other, meals together as a family, taking our little doggie Auggie on walks together, being able to be human and imperfect in front of each other.

life in colorThat time together came in handy last week when Camy wanted to attend “Life In Color” billed as “the World’s Largest Paint Party”. Loud music, lights, paint. Drugs, sexually aggressive teens, a young woman in a new country, drugs. Her parents in Italy gave her the ok to go, and I wanted her to be able to go. But I also wanted her to be safe. So we talked. And while it may have been a bit awkward at first I was able to communicate to her that I trusted her and respected her and was not so much worried about her but wanted to be aware of the dangers that she might encounter. And she was able to reassure me that she understood my concern and appreciated it and that she would be ok. And she was.

kenley_holli-natureHolli Kenley is back with us to continue her ground breaking Another Way Wednesday Series. This is the series that helps you help your teens discover their own worth. One reason Camy is able to travel to another country is because her parents have done a great job helping her discover her worth, helping her understand what her values are, teaching her to make decisions based on those values. I don’t know if your child will ever have the chance to travel abroad to study, but wouldn’t it be great if we can let them do the fun things teens want to do secure in the knowledge that they value their lives, they know that they matter to us and to the world, secure in the knowledge that they will make great choices?

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By the way, I am very excited to let you know that I will be opening the act on the Mainstage at Connectfest, a wonderful Christian music festival in Southeastern Massachusetts. Camy and her friend have agreed to be my volunteers, (I am so happy, because being the opening act at an all day music festival means chances are there will be very few people in the stands.) I hope if you are anywhere in the New England area that you will come out to see my show. It all starts at 1 PM at Marciano Stadium In Beautiful Brockton, Massachusetts.

If you can’t make it to Connectfest check out my web site to find out how to bring my show to your town

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